About LIID Future Lab

Crafting the Future Together

LIID Future Lab is a hybrid foresight research platform developed since 2010 by Raphaële Bidault-Waddington that draws from her very mixed and international experience (economy, art, urban design, science, fiction and foresight).

The purpose of LIID is to carry and offer vanguard research on the making of futures, while searching to renew the art of foresight via approaches more adapted to the current paradigm shift that shakes our core certitudes and requires a lot of agility.

In that aim, we experiment with academic and artistic R&D to be at the edge, and test ideas, formats and methods prior to proposing them to clients in full confidence.

LIID offers foresight content (analysis and inspiration), thematic workshops to mobilize research groups, and custom-made future lab solutions (from one day to several years) allowing to fully optimize internal and external impact of a future research. Pedagogy, collective intelligence, knowledge (production, valorization and management), and creativity are also at the heart of our future labs, which, if relevant, can be spatialized, exhibited and staged, or else edited and published.

A multi-dimensional research ecosystem

For about twenty years, we have been working with a wide scope of structures in academic, economic (profit & non-profit), urban and artistic spheres, in France and abroad (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, UK, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, Uruguay, China, Iran, Dubai, Ivory Coast).


These concrete experiences enrich our foresight analysis, pedagogy and recommendations that are always based on multi-faceted, hybrid and “ecosystemic” perspectives.

We consider that visions in silos (sectoral approach), in systems (classic foresight approach), or else too centered on uses (innovation approach) and experience (design approach), are insufficient to grasp the multidimensional transformations implied by both digital and environmental transitions that impact everything at every scale.

If these four spheres (economic, urban, academic and cultural) are our “meso” ground of action and expertise, our labs also include “macro” reflections on imaginaries and underlying value-systems, and “micro” concerns on the life and fulfillment of the citizen of tomorrow.


Since 2017, LIID carries a specific R&D on post-human futures and the tentacular implications of technologies (AI, blockchains, metaverse, bio-techs, etc.), of post-truth and of the Anthropocene, that question in an unprecedented way our life-styles, and call for radically new vision of the world and of the future, which we call alien cosmologies.

Raphaële Bidault-Waddington is a member of UNESCO Global Foresight and Futures Literacy Network of the New Club of Paris, an international network of knowledge economy and innovation policy experts.